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6 Creative Ideas To Make Your Thanksgiving Feast More Exciting With Embroidery Patches

On the 4th Thursday of November, families will jumble up their Thanksgiving stashes again. And, they will decorate their tables with the same centuries-old fall-inspired décor they have been laying out for a long time.

If you are tired of seeing the same timeworn décor, old plates, and tablecloths, then we have a perfect solution for you! Really? Is that so?

Yes, and the solution is – Embroidered Patches!

With these embroidered patches, you have no excuse not to take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level this year.

And, because this holiday is all about delicious food, this is why we have created a list of how you can transform your dinner party into a fantastic feast to impress your guests this year. All of it can happen just by introducing custom embroidery patches, and that is it!

So, while you give some time to your turkey to thaw, read this blog in the meantime!

Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Memorable With Embroidered Patches


Unarguably, the most important person at the dinner party is none other than the chef, right? Of course! So, what can be better than to customize an apron for the chef or chefs, in your family this holiday? Patches have made a massive comeback in 2016, and they are perfect to decorate your tableware this Thanksgiving season.

You can find a lot of Thanksgiving cotton patches online. With tons of designs to choose from, you can opt for a simple patch saying “Happy Thanksgiving”. Moreover, you can also choose any fall-inspired icon such as a turkey, an autumn leaf, a pumpkin, and a lot more.


Have you ever thought about what makes a Thanksgiving table stand out to your guests? Well, a lot of people will say Turkey, Duh? And, we do agree with them, there is nothing more cherished than a turkey on this holiday, is there? Well, fortunately, there is! Really what is it?

News Flash – It is the atmosphere that you set up for your feast! So, spice up your time-worn tablecloth by putting some Thanksgiving-inspired embroidered patches on it. Your table runner or tablecloth is in dire need of this holiday-themed pattern to make you and your guests feel festive.

Make it highlight your personal style. Choose relevant colours, patterns, and textures to make it look welcoming and perfect for this holiday!


Let us face it, because this holiday is all about food and food only, there are high risks of damaging our pretty dressing while slurping on those mouth-watering feasts. So, make your guests eat freely and enjoy each second of this prestigious holiday design put some bibs on the table too. And, while you are at it, why not level up the entire game by decorating these bibs with custom embroidered patches?

Oh! What a mind-blowing idea!

Make one for each member who’s going to be on the table, and attach custom embroidery patches UK on them. We are feeling all giddied up just by the thought of how amazing it is going to look. Because if there is any suitable time for wearing a bib, then it is definitely Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

Centrepiece Ideas:

Now that you have all of your tableware ready, why not give it all a finishing touch? The perfect way to tie together your Thanksgiving table dressing is by adding a seasonal centrepiece. They make an ideal table decoration by bringing your most cherished elements to life in such a small space.

Revamp your boring old centrepiece by attaching new Thanksgiving-themed patches to it. Use your imagination to the fullest. Mix small and big patches to make this decoration item brighter and full of life.


All done, is there anything left to decorate? Think, think! Oh, yes there is one thing left! What is it? Napkins! Goodness gracious, how can we forget about the napkins – the most useful item on the table! Try to invest in some classic fall coloured napkins having neutral shades and a modern tone to elevate your table. These will definitely make an ideal addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

To personalize these napkins, try to get customized patches by looking up “iron on patches near me”. Order a name patch for every person who is invited to your dinner party and attach it to his or her napkin.

Or you can even get a personalized message on each of your guests’ napkins. This personalization will definitely make your feast memorable and leave them talking about till next year – even if you accidentally burn your turkey.

Wall Hanging:

After you are done assembling your table, you have to decorate your walls too to make your home radiate those festive vibes. You have completely forgotten about it, don’t you?

So, to decorate your walls for this holiday, add Thanksgiving-themes patches on wall frames. You can add anything from pumpkin and pine nut appliques to an autumn leaf or turkey. Your imagination is the limit here. So, look for fascinating ideas online, and get the ones that attract you the most. And, you are most definitely going to win an award for being the best host or hostess this year.

  • How can I set my table for Thanksgiving dinner?

A thoughtfully set table makes any meal a special event, and what meal could be more special than a Thanksgiving one? Prior to gathering all of your nearest and dearest people in a room to have dinner together, you have to set the perfect vibe, right? So, set a table to impress your guests and radiate a festive vibe. Polish up your silverware and break out your cherished china, to make this event memorable.

  • How to level up my Thanksgiving dinner?

To level up your Thanksgiving dinner you must:

  1. Find a great Turkey to begin with.
  2. Figure out your main course, starters, and dessert.
  3. Buy some goodies.
  4. Decorate your house accordingly, and that is it.
  • What can I make for Thanksgiving dinner?

The main course that is cherished by a lot of people across the world as a Thanksgiving feast includes:

  1. Potato Rolls.
  2. Cranberry-Pecan Cheese Ball.
  3. Cranberry Jello Salad.
  4. Glazed Ham.
  5. Collard Greens.
  6. Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey.
  7. Cocktail Meatballs.
  8. Shrimp Cocktail.
  • How can I make my Thanksgiving holiday good?

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather with your friends and family, express gratitude for all the good things in your life, and share a traditional meal. So, make sure to gather all your loved ones under one roof and share your meal with them.

You Are All Set To Win The Best Thanksgiving Host/Hostess Award This Year!

By incorporating the above-given ideas into your Thanksgiving feast, we are sure that they will turn your holiday dining table into a stylish success. However, don’t just stay restricted to these ideas, instead, mix and match whatever designs and elements you like to create a perfect fall-inspired table masterpiece.

So, say goodbye to those centuries-old tableware and décor and spice things up this prestigious holiday with embroidered patches. We assure you that your guests are going to love these beautiful decorations as much as they cherish the delicious food in front of them.

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