Patches For Halloween: Look Spooky By Using Patches Creatively

Ghosts and Pumpkins are all great ideas, but this Halloween, we are taking advice from the high priestess of spookiness herself. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are talking about the one and only Wednesday Adams!

Whether you are a fan of this amazing Netflix series or not, there is a lot that we can take inspiration from. Out of ideas again? Don’t know what to do?

Well, count your lucky stars because you have landed on the right blog. Try using spooky embroidered patches this Halloween along with splashy orange decorations and cutesy jack-o’lanterns. Ooh, what a fun idea!

It will definitely elevate your mood board for a feast that will feel unique and cheery for the 31st of October. To add more pizzazz to your Halloween party, give our blog a read.

Below we have mentioned all the fun ways to use embroidered patches this October, and worry not, all of these ideas are definitely Wednesday-approved.

So, flip the switch and read on!

Using Embroidered Patches For Halloween

Make Embroidered Key Chains:

Apart from the many advantages of embroidered appliques, the most prominent one is that they can be tailored to whichever size you like, so you can even make customized key chains from them. What?

For more casual affairs, pepper in some simple accents with custom embroidered patches key chains. These make the ideal keepsake for everyone and thus make your event memorable.

Turn These Into Wall Hangings:

Are you up for giving everyone a hair-raising experience this Halloween? If yes, then you will go nuts over this idea – patch wall hangings! So, hang them to your keys, and hang em’ on your walls too! Amazing idea, no?

For your happy hour, and even to make the humdrum shine, this idea will elevate your place to radiate the perfect petrifying vibes. You can opt for creepy spiders, witch hats, booing ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and many more creative and artsy designs that we are sure will come to your genius mind.

Use As Party Invites:

Do you need some unique ideas to send invites to your friends? To be honest, it is high time to ditch the same old printed papers and opt for some spooky patchwork. Brilliant! Use these funky patches to give a jump scare to everyone you send invitations to.

These invites can also be perfect keepsakes for everyone. Consider adding a removable patch on your invite (Ditch the classic iron on patches in UK and attach them with Velcro or a pin), so that your guests can wear these appliques whenever they want. Fun huh?

Add To Tablecloths, Pillows And Cushions:

For your sit-down dinner party, consider adding spooky patches to your tablecloths, cushions, and any other household linens. These appliques will help you set the perfect mood.

The embroidered add-ons can be attached to your sofas, cushions, or even to the special tablecloth that you keep reserved for special events. Try finding the ones that give an almost 3-D feel to make your guests shake in their boots.

Hand Out As Treats Or Favours:

If you are someone who loves to decorate every nook and cranny, then why must you leave your treats or favours undecorated? You can get these embroidered appliques customized for kids as well as the ones who are kids at their heart.

To give them as a bonus trick-or-treat handout to kids, you can go for any renowned spooky character from any popular children’s movie. Or you can also make these cut-outs in their favourite characters to see their eyes sparkle as you hand these with some candies.

There are limitless options for adults though. A classic pumpkin or ghost patch works out just fine. But you can also gift them an applique based on any popular Netflix series. Add some puns for an extra boost of surprise.

Add To Picture Frames:

Got some empty frames lying around? We have an outstanding idea to make them look great this season! How about you add skittish Halloween-themes Custom Iron on Patches in UK to each of them for this festive season? The best part? You can re-use them anytime for a joyous feel of the season.

By adding these patches to your wall and table frames, you will amp up the overall aesthetics of your home. You can go for funny Halloween-themed artwork simple eerie designs, and even spooky quotes.

Patch Up Your Costume:

Planning to rev up your attire this Allhallows Eve? What can be better than adding ghostly patches to your ensembles? These embroidered add-ons can elevate even the simplest getup and give you the perfect Halloween spirit. Add patches inspired by famous characters such as Harry Potter, Wednesday Adams, or even the Corpse Bride Characters look dope.

Patch Your Way Into Halloween

So, are you geared up to whoop it up this Allhallows Eve with full enthusiasm and joy? If yes then hoorah! But if not, then sweat not. Because all the above-mentioned ideas are as easy as ABC, so, you can arrange them even on the night of 30th October. Channel your inner Phobophile and enjoy this season radiating the spookiest vibes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the uses of embroidered patches?

Embroidered patches can be used on almost anything. From sports teams to youth clubs, and from specialized clubs to scouting organizations you can wear them on anything. They are often a collector’s item too. So, if you like collecting patches, think of innovative places where you can apply them. Your imagination is the only limit.

Can you embroider patches by hand?

Yes, you definitely can make your own embroidered patches by hand. Follow the below-given steps to make sure you get the perfect result.

  1. Step # 1: Place your fabric in an embroidery loop.
  2. Step # 2: Select a pattern and draw it on your fabric.
  3. Step # 3: Fill the pattern up with symmetrical stitches.
  4. Step # 4: Once you are done with the stitches, take your fabric out from the loop and wash it with warm water, to remove any markings.
  5. Step # 5: Allow it to dry completely.
  6. Step # 6: Add another piece of fabric at the back to hide the thready back of your work. And you are all done.

Can I reuse a patch?

Yes, you can surely reuse a patch. To remove an iron-on patch use a warm iron and heat the patch until the glue becomes loose. You will be easily able to remove it from the fabric. However, the applique will remain intact so that you can reuse it anytime in any other place. Moreover, to remove a sew-on patch, make sure to cut the stitches carefully to not damage your patch or fabric. And voila.

Can I put patches on anything?

Patches can be applied to anything that you can think of. These appliques provide a quick upgrade to any article of clothing. Furthermore, they can be a fun way to add flair to any household linen or accessory. So, apply them to anything to spice things up a bit. But, make sure to check the care institutions prior to attaching an iron-on patch, as some fabrics are not suitable for ironing.

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