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Trends You Need to Know in Embroidered Patches

Isn’t it intriguing to see an old-fashioned item resurfacing and causing a buzz? It seems that certain things possess an enduring charm, and embroidered patches definitely fall into that category. Despite having been around for many years, it’s evident that these patches aren’t prepared to exit the fashion scene anytime soon.

But, have you ever wondered how these emblems evolved over time? Were they always used in the same manner as they are today? And what’s the reason behind their sustained popularity? This article is here to provide you with answers to these queries, so stick around and delve into its contents!

How the Trend of Embroidered Patches Has Evolved Over the Years

  • 1970s

Believe it or not, patches were invented in the third century somewhere in China. However, back then they were used for purely practical reasons, such as reinforcing torn clothing. Surprisingly, their fashion applications didn’t cross anyone’s mind until 1970s – the era of the hippie culture.

Even then, embroidered badges were not really considered a fashion statement. Instead, they were used to show opposition towards the politics, culture, and lifestyle back in the day. Hippies would use patches to personalize their clothes and declare their support for activist movements.

Some common slogans from the era were “Peace, Not War”, and “Love.” The emblems would usually have these phrases inscribed on them.

  • 1980s

During the 1980s, people became more interested in rock music and feeling uneasy rather than focusing on peace and love like before. This social unease gave rise to the punk movement.  However, people still used patches to make political statements, but it wasn’t the same as 1970s.

Even though punks still liked adorning themselves with emblems to show their personal identity and support towards marginalized groups, patches also became a means of expressing their love for certain bands and mottos.

During this time, embroidered patches UK evolved a bit too. Instead of always sewing them on, people started pinning them to their clothes. This was in line with the rough and do-it-yourself punk style, yet had a significant impact!

  • 1990s

As the 1990s began, patches became more than just symbols of rebellious movements from the 70s and 80s. They became something that anyone, including kids and grown-ups, could easily get their hands on.

Eventually, in the late 1990s, patches became a regular part of fashion. People often sewed them onto denim jackets, jeans pockets, bags, and other things they wore. It wasn’t just about standing against the norm anymore; it was more about personalizing your outfits and accessories to stand out.

  • Currently

Similar to the 1990s, patches have maintained their significance today without necessarily being tied to social causes or cultural movements. Leading fashion magazines now actually promote wearing patches as a nostalgic callback to the 90s era.

What’s even better is that thanks to technological advancements, we now have the opportunity to take patch customization to a whole new level. This means you can design a patch for whatever message you wish to convey, making it completely unique for you.

This personalized approach empowers you to genuinely showcase your identity through your fashion choices, allowing your outfits to reflect who you really are!

3 Reasons Patches Have Taken the Fashion World by Storm

  • They are Versatile

Custom patches are usually found on jackets, but guess what? They can be attached to almost any surface you can think of. Surprising, right? Pockets, jeans, shorts, and even hats can all have these special cotton patches for clothes. The best part is, they come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes so you literally create any style with them!

Want a simple look? Just put one patch on a plain tee. Feeling rebellious? Get a jacket and attach as many custom embroidered badges as you can. No matter what style you want, patches are like versatile tools for fashion. They add variety and make your wardrobe unique.

And what’s even better is that it’s not hard to find the right look for you with all these options available!

  • They Make You Stand Out

The true charm of patches lies in their capability to transform any piece of clothing into something completely and exclusively yours. Custom patches can be used to beautifully encapsulate your personal experiences and cherished memories.

You can design an emblem based on the places you’ve visited, the bands that hold a special place in your heart, or even designs that you are attracted to. Every badge you acquire becomes an additional memory etched into your life’s story.

As a result, custom patches offer you the opportunity to infuse your unique identity into every ensemble you put together. So, when you step out of your home all dressed-up, you can walk around confidently knowing no one has the same style as you!

  • They are Easily Accessible

For a fashion trend to gain extensive popularity, it must be accessible to a wide range of people. And it’s truly remarkable how accessible patches are. You can find them almost anywhere, making them incredibly easy to obtain.

A simple search for “sew on patches near me” is likely to yield results from at least ten online retailers offering customized badges. Yet, the availability doesn’t end there. Thrift stores and vintage shops also carry a variety of patches. In fact, you might stumble upon some rare and valuable patches with interesting histories while exploring these places.

What adds to the appeal is that acquiring these patches doesn’t have to strain your finances either. They come at affordable prices, making them accessible to almost everyone. This is another reason why everyone can easily dive into the world of customized embroidered appliques.

Bottom Line: Embroidered Patches Deserve All the Recognition They Receive

There’s a reason why embroidered patches have successfully withstood the test of time. Come to think of it, it’s not in everyone’s wheelhouse to create looks with such individuality – even the most renowned names in the fashion industry can’t do so!

So, if you haven’t joined the crowd of patch lovers, what are you waiting for? This is your moment to level up your style game and add a unique flair to all your belongings. Get ready to make a bold fashion statement with all your newly adorned accessories and outfits!

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