Privacy Policies

At EmbroideryPatchesUK, the importance of customer privacy is acknowledged by us. For that purpose, we work with a certain set of privacy policies, so the buyer can feel safe and protected with us.

Following is the information we collect to place a customer’s order:

  • Your full name,
  • House address,
  • Email address,
  • Contact number,

How The Collected Information Is Used By Us?

We guarantee that the collected information will be used for the mentioned purposes only, which include:

  • Reach out to customers throughout the process
  • Share the latest deals (only if the customer approves)
  • In case of physical delivery, the details might be shared with a logistics company

The Collected Information Shall Not Be Used In Following Ways:

  • The collected information will never be shared with any marketing agency
  • No spamming calls or messages would be sent to the customer

Cookie Policy

Delivering best customer experience is the utmost priority of EmbroideryPatchesUK. In order to maintain that, we use cookies to know the user’s preferences, save them, and deliver an improved experience next time. Third-party services are also taken into use in order to analyze information and reap maximum effectiveness. However, customers can disable the cookie if they want.