Refund Policy

To guarantee justful dealings and customer satisfaction, we offer a complete refund policy to the customers. However, to claim a refund, one or more than one situation needs to be satisfied mentioned below:

The refund request shall be applicable if:

  • The wrong order was delivered to you. Although with the contribution of the Quality Assurance Team, such situations have never arisen so far. But in order to give a sense of relief to customers, we practice this policy.
  • The delivered was defective. Again, we take all measures to refrain from such situations, but to keep customers' money safe, we have crafted this refund policy.
  • The payment was deducted twice due to an error from the payment company.

In case of order cancellation, the following % of orders are refunded:

  • Canceled in 24 hours: 90% refund will be granted
  • Canceled in 48 hours: 50% refund will be granted
  • Canceled in 72 hours: 20% refund will be granted
  • Canceled after 72 hours: 0% refund will be granted