4 Ways To Get Creative With Custom Embroidered Patches

When was the last time you saw an embroidered patch?

On a school uniform?


On military clothes?

But gone are the days when patches are used for only these purposes.

With the evolution of the world, people are coming up with many innovative ideas because creativity has no finish line or end.

Therefore, there is no limit when it comes to customization with embroidered patches.

So take a notebook and pen, because we are going to tell some really creative use of patches. Read below.

Be Imaginative With The Custom Embroidered Patches

Ever seen a jacket or bag with artistic or humorous patches?

And wanted to personalize your things too. So stop wishing and take a step toward making custom embroidery patches because we have some DIY ideas for you.
Earrings And Studs:
Patches are just not restricted to clothing accessories.

With these emblems, you can make some cute little studs or attractive customized earrings. You just need a ring or pin to make it.

Punch a hole in a patch and insert a ring in it, and you are good to go. On the other hand, if you want to make a stud, stick a pin with adhesive glue on a patch, and your tiny accessories are ready to turn some heads.

Book Marks:

Are you a nerd?

And you wanted to have a huge library of your own. That can be your long-term goal, but currently, you can have a collection of customised bookmarks.

You can make book marks with the help of patches too. Design a custom patch and add a string or a cardboard strip below it. And your bookmarks are ready. Now reading books won’t feel boring.

Key Chains:

Do you always mix up your keys?

For this problem, we have a solution, make a personalized keychain for every set of keys.

Make patches with the name of the identity of keys. Punch a hole in it and add a key ring to it. And say goodbye to the confusion. Moreover, you can also send these cute things as a gift to your loved ones.

Bags And Clutches:

If you are a girl, you are always fond of cute bags and wish to have one someday.

So the wait is over now; grab one of your old clutches and add some cute cotton emblems on it. As a result, you have a new funky kit now.

Moreover, you can decorate your picnic bags with travel destination patches, which are hard to find. For your ease, you can check the cotton patches no minimum section of online emblem sites. You will indeed find a suitable one for you.


Are you tired of wearing the same boring shoes for university?

Then try adding a patch to your footwear. This is a smart way of giving life to your old things. You can paste tiny adorable flowers or some funny emojis to level up the look of your pumps and sneakers.


If winter says hello to your country, then it’s a certain time to bring your jackets back.

But is that a hole in your old jacket?

No worries because patches are there to save you. You can customize one from custom jacket patches online sites. And showcase your personality through this outerwear while staying warm.


Did you see branded jeans with delightful embroidery?

But couldn’t buy one due to the high price tag.

Patches can eliminate this issue because they are an affordable piece of cloth.

Buy some beautiful bunch of emblems and stick them on your old jeans. Your personalized jeans can surely beat the look of the branded ones.

Cushion Covers:

Want to renovate some areas of your house?

Start with the old-fashioned cushion covers. To upgrade them, you can paste patches on them that are in contrast with the colour of that room. Add colours and creativity to your home with these emblems.

Mobile Covers:

Are you an Instagramer who always posts OOTDs with a mirror selfie?

Then you can bring a remarkable change in your photos by adding embroidered patches to your phone case. It will not only attract your friends in real life but will also increase engagement on your social media. Because people will, without a doubt, ask about it.

Decorative Boards: Showcase Your Hobby
Is collecting interesting patches your hobby?

Then this tip is for you. Buy a board and paste all the emblems on it. Frame it and hang this masterpiece on your room’s wall. It will magnify the view of your area.

Hats And Caps:

Is there anyone who doesn’t adore caps?

This is the most loved accessory among all generations of humans. You can add it to any outfit. Whether going for a picnic or running errands in the snow, a hat is always there to rescue you from the sun and the cold. You can transform your solid-coloured caps and hats with funky customized patches to give them an exotic outlook.

Headbands And Clips

Girls always like their hair open and accessorized with cute, stylish clips or bands.

Therefore, these accessories are always their best friend. It not only helps them prevent their hair from coming to the face but also enhances their appearance. These days, when everything can be customized. You can also decorate your bands with pretty and youthful patches and become the centre of attention.


Do you miss your school life, where you used to give friendship bands to your classmates?

You can bring that time back by making personalised bracelets. All you need are some lovely emblems, fabric and a hook for holding both ends together. Create bands on your own and send a special present to your friend’s home.


Aren’t all the above ideas cool and innovative?

But this is not the end; you can think of many more ideas by bringing back your creativity and passion.

That’s not it; you can start a craftwork business too. You can do wonders with these pieces of art. We are hopeful that our guide will surely help you in stepping forward in your life.

Don’t be afraid to do experiments and show the world your abilities with the above ideas. There’s no boundary to what you can create with the above inspirations.

Create customized things which speak your language. But learn about patches and fabrics before implementing something otherwise, you’ll ruin it.

Learn and try new things and techniques, and you never know what unique designs you’ll create.

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